Lyndon B Johnson High School
Lyndon B Johnson Senior High School is a public senior high school in Spicewood. The principal of Lyndon B Johnson Senior High School is Ms. Julie Storer. 2% of the Lyndon B Johnson Secondary school pupils are “limited in English efficiency.” 238 children attend Lyndon B Johnson High School, and the pupil to educator proportion is 10:1. The instructors make $55,318 every year. Blanco Senior high school is among the nearby secondary schools.

Johnson City Independent College District
Johnson City Independent School District is a school district with 698 pupils. On average, educators in Johnson City Independent School Area get $44,977 annually. The area official is Richard Kolek. Johnson City Independent Institution District invests $8,903 annually per student. The college graduation rate in Johnson City Independent College Area is 87%. Blanco Independent School Area is a close-by area and has the exact same ranking as Johnson City Independent School Area. Blanco Independent College District’s ranking is 7 while Johnson City Independent College Area’s ranking is 7.

Spicewood Elementary
Our school-wide implementation of electronic portfolios has actually opened up extra possibilities for pupils the show & evaluate their own learning, develop their web design skills, as well as keep our families connected to their youngster’s discovering!

Local Landmarks in Spicewood, TX
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